Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

Bug reports

When reporting a bug please include:

  • Your operating system name and version.

  • Any details about your local setup that might be helpful in troubleshooting.

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.

Feature requests and feedback

The best way to send feedback is to file an issue through GitHub.


To get set up for local development follow the development notes.

Chat to us

If you want to engage with us to discuss your changes or if you need help, there’s a #contributors channel on our slack server just for that.

Asking for help

The best thing to do is to ask on Stack Overflow. We monitor the questdb tag and will get back to you.

Stack overflow helps us to keep track of the questions and answers, and it helps other users who might have the same question.

Alternatively, you can ask on our slack server.